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#5 Two-Tone Steel JoWo Upgrade Nib

Upgrade Refills & Nibs

#5 Two-Tone Steel JoWo Upgrade Nib


#5 Two-Tone Steel JoWo Upgrade Nib


You can purchase one of these nibs with any fountain pen on our website that uses a #5 (smaller) nib and we will upgrade the nib for you.

These are German-made Jowo #5 nibs of the highest quality on the market. Manufacturers that Jowo has supplied nibs for include Montegrappa, Retro, Dani Trio, Marlen, Waterford, Conklin, Tibaldi, Rotring, Krone, Loiminchay, Monteverde, Libelle, Stipula, along with several others. We offer these nibs in #5 and #6 steel, solid 18k gold, and solid 14k gold. This listing is for the steel #5 nibs. They come in extra fine, fine, medium, broad, 1.1 italic, and 1.4 italic.

Let us know if you have any questions or need to know if these nibs are compatible with your fountain pen.

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